Food and Beverage Labels

Food and Beverage

Everybody’s wants to know what their eating or drinking. In fact, food and beverage label reading has become a great conversation starter. Think this is healthy? Wonder how may calories this has? I didn’t know this was made with that?

Well, it’s not only important to get all that information on your products, it needs to be printed with food-safe inks, maybe even on a label that will keep sticking in a refrigerator or freezer. Your label might need a lamination or UV coating to do the job right. And did we mention know how to make our labels work with those automatic labeler machines.

Guess we made our point – Walco knows all about food and beverage labels.

So, if your company or organization is ready to "stick it," we’d be happy to show you how, just call us at 814-454-4561 or toll-free at 877-925-2699.

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